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Available for hire for both public and private events.


2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Carol Anders /.WPVM Asheville & the Arts says:

    Hey Eddie I talked with you at LAFF! I would like to feature you on “Asheville & the Arts” WPVM lp 103.7 fm … we air on Thursdays from 11 am to noon. Would Sept. 11 or 18 work for you? Station is at 75 Haywood ( between Pack Library and Cellular Ctr) Thank YOU!!! carol anders or fb message Carol Anders

  2. Ryan Ashley says:

    Dear Eddie,

    Had trouble finding a proper email for you so I figured this would work.
    I wanted to pick your brain about how you go about promoting your art, and getting booked for gigs. I have simply reached out before with simple emails explaining what I do. It works okay, but I was wondering what tricks you have, if any to get yourself booked.
    Also, what has been your greatest way of marketing other then other events? And at events, how to you verbal for people to connect with you on social media?
    Any advice at all would be appreciated
    Forgive the mis-directional rambling, I just got out of a sweat lodge.
    Hope all is well in the soon to be vibrant blue(rather yellow,red,orange) mountains.


    Ryan Ashley

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