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Hello. I am Eddie. Thank you for visiting my GoFundMe page Donate Now. I have been in love with words for as long as I can remember, but becoming a full time writer always seemed like a fantasy. Well, in July 3013, I left my day job, grabbed my typewriter, and hit the streets to busk “Poetry On Demand”. Over the last two years, I have typed thousands of custom poems in and around Asheville at festivals, bar rooms, breweries, private parties, and street corners. It has truly been a whirl wind of wanderlust and possibility.
Now, for my two year anniversary, I am seeking to take the next step as a poet and writer and I am seeking help to bring this project to fruition. I have dreamed of driving cross country and writing about my adventures since I was a kid. Unfortunately, my lifestyle as a working poet, although I make a living, doesn’t bring in enough money to save for a trip of this magnitude.
With your help and donations, I am hoping not only to drive and busk poetry on my typewriter from Asheville,NC to California and then up the Pacific a Coast Highway in June, but also to put together a couple books of poetry and zines about the journey, the people I meet, and the inspiring views I come across.
Those who donate to make this epic cross country trip possible will receive a hand typed written thank you letter and first chance to receive the Poetry On Demand 2015 tour Zine/book.
I will be posting online and blogging as the days and mile markers fly by…I will also be seeking places to stay, and advice on where to busk poetry. Donations will be used for essentials like gas, car repairs, camp site fees at Yosemite, as well as rentals and incidentals. All remaining donations will be used for the publication and distribution of the Poetry Books written along the way.

Thanks for your support,
See you along the road…
–Eddie Cabbage


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