Eddie Cabbage Lives! My Studio Stroll Adventure of Poetry, Tacos, Train Whistles, Craft Beer, and Typewriter Dings

Eddie Cabbage Lives!!

Hello readers, I am back after a long hiatus from posting on my website. This is not just a tease, I am back for good. I will be posting photos, poetry, prose, and tales of my Poetry On Demand Adventures. Please be patient with my website design and the writing for a short time as I don’t have a computer yet and it is extremely difficult to type these on an iPad. I’ve been spoiled with only using a typewriter for 2 years.

This recent weekend I attended the River Arts Districts Open Studio Stroll and Art Sale in Asheville, NC. It was a beautiful Saturday and Sunday filled with Blue skies, craft beer, and train whistles drowned out by typewriter Dings singing symphonies to my ears. I set up my tiny wooden desk and my 1936 Royal type O lovingly named “Tom Waits” and allowed the sun to soak into my weary body and the crowds witnessed a genuine smile get painted and displayed across my face as I took and typed their custom poem requests in front of them. I set up at trolley stops along the art tour, Burial Beer Co, street corners, and finally finished the weekend at The Wedge Brewery and Studios. The first poem of the weekend was for a family while they waited in line for their delicious lunch at White Duck Taco, with the subject of “Swimming Lessons.” The poem was all about challenge, worry, doubt, freedom, and overcoming obstacles. The last poem of the weekend (pictured below) was with the subject of “to be or not to be” for an art teacher visiting Asheville for the weekend. She was in town enjoying the art stroll and also picking up 700 lbs of clay for her class back in Marion,NC. I apologize I did not take a photo of all the poems this weekend. I am correcting this bad habit and have already been yelled at for this behavior by world renowned poet James Navé www.jamesnave.com (he prefers to be called just Navé).

So, out of the thousands of Poetry On Demand pieces I have typed and handed out in the past, I only have a limited amount of photos of them, and a limited amount of photos people have posted on social media. As I will not be participating much any longer on Instagram, I will be capturing photos of all my Poetry On Demand pieces typed for people with a new vigor.

The good news. I have many other poems I wrote this weekend that I did take photos of, and I promise to get better at taking photos of everything at the upcoming events. In the coming days and weeks I will be posting my poems with brief stories about the pieces and also some words about the people inspiring them….where they are from, what we discussed before and after I typed their request, and even what kind of drinks we clinked and cheers that day. Below are the photos I did take this weekend along with a sneak peak at my next blog post. Enjoy.
















And as promised the sneak peek of the next post here



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