Summer Ballerina

I cannot lie to my typewriter

Cassandra senses the hesitation

And demands a quick typing cadence

To quench her thirst for words

I dreamt of a new girl last night

She was a fair skinned princess

Draped in costume and consideration

As if a Tarantino leading lady

She had a ballerina line to her

And smelled of the summer rain

She sang and hummed in my dream

As she gave up her warm thighs to me

I awoke several times in the night

Still with her scent in my nostrils

A smile swelled up as I imagined

Leaning over to kiss her blushing cheeks a splendor

She was cocky and witty

With a laughable urge to conquer the world

The thought of her lips to mine

A guilty pleasure I could never apologize for

–Eddie Cabbage



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