Reflections of June

There is no more truth for me out in the bar room night
I have explored every seat, every glance, and every flirtation

I attempt to find love in my reflection,
But whether skinny or fat, I feel the same disdain

I do not know who I am, or where I could possibly be headed,
but only accept my status and hope to never be a hero to the wealthy

I have felt great and pitiful moments
as I fought and lost battles for the weak and voiceless

I have been dismissed and euthanized the innocent,
as I gave them a quick death and buried them swiftly in the earth

I wonder if my life should bring new wars, or if I am destined
to relive the same tragedies over and over and over again

I have stood at the edge and now am unable to discuss it objectively
The world turned upside down in these hot June Days
as the words become so simple and complete, as pages get filled with ink



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