12 Days of May

Life is a search for that special taste I crave in the world
A delight to call my own
I find a nook, a waterfall, or mountain top
A tiny secret held tight inside for the dark days that do come
I sneak away from time to time, sometimes only in my mind
That ocean breeze, cold river retreat, or to that girl from way back when
With the warm inviting thighs

I age and accumulate short stories, fiction on my shelf, and bedroom secrets
The women that amazed me, the lips that silenced me, and even that girl with the eyes that lie
The faces and places eventually blur and become one
Life just a wise tale of fortunate moments, tragedies, failed love affairs, and epic poetry and sonnets read aloud in the Summer air

Women become a cocktail hour
Their size and shape become unimportant
The aroma of perfume,
The smell of their hair,
The birthmarks and intimate remarks keep them close to my heart
The sadness disappears as I recall the girl who flashed her tits for a free cab ride, and now only snorting laughter remain

Life lies in the stories of sweaty days of muscle aches and pains
Long days and sleepless nights under the pouring rain,
Soggy tents and trout swimming in the stream,
That time I slept peacefully under a fountain in the garden of a German B&B

The trail names fall in disrepair, are overgrown, and get burned to keep warm
They are renamed for scars and bloodstained adventures with friends of all sorts
From what I did or did not accomplish, and the views of the peaks and valleys
The destinations of life remembered by the excitement and fear of it all
The time I ran across a mile high swinging bridge on a windy day,
The flat tires, dead batteries, and that happy bear who ate all my snacks

Life is a search for that taste I could enjoy till I die, and the hunt goes on
That time I sat on the edge of the world and dangled my feet in glee
That time I took off my clothes and swam in the lake by moonlight
Driving West in the middle of the night
no destination in mind,

just a desire for new aromas, treats, and delights to call my own





2 thoughts on “12 Days of May

  1. rhetoricalredhead says:

    My goodness, this is more than I can handle….there are so many little bits of you in this and it’s fascinating to step back and look at the collage that is You. The stories here…I want to hear more. Please turn each line into a work of fiction. It’s all so brilliant. I also love the last paragraph in the XX photo…I suggest retyping that and reposting. šŸ˜‰ Cheers, my friend. Happy writing.

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