15 Days of May

The summer months approaching with a thunder

The tornado of swirling romance and windy afternoon relationships

The heat steadily grows, as the winter beard of the mountain man gets a trim

The lightning storms playing flash photography symbols that crackle in the sky

The midafternoon rain washing away the pestilence from rose garden petals

The butterfly emerging from its cocoon and floating in the breeze for the first time

May is a month of growth and passion

May is a month of new romance and intermingling bees

May is a month for long runs out in the streets to build those glistening abs

May is a first glimpse of how the rest of the year will be

May is a month for t-shirts and short skirts, sunglasses, and flip flops of all sorts

May is a month of campfires and jazz playing on the turntable on rainy nights

May is a fine month to sip red wine and eat exotic cheeses on outdoor patio verandas

The wedding bells chime in late May and early June before the heat engulfs the bride and groom

The right dance partner and hands leading awkward feet to dance floors

The wandering hands find hips and the lower waist with the rhythm of the candlelit ballrooms

May is a month of fine tuning that swimsuit and the relentless gym class routines

The bikini lines and beach towels soon to be soaked in sand

May, I love you with more than these lines can speak




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