30 Days of May

West Asheville

I love the streets
A warm hearted nook
The cozy corners filled with different strangers
Strangers becoming friends at community gardens and co-ops

The organic lifestyle of eating and sleeping with the earth
The animal shelters providing companions for the liberal folk to walk

Every house sings to their own tune
Decorations, taste, and texture
The beautiful gardens of vegetables and yards of wild flowers

The designer yard art and prayer flags strung from the trees
The bright blue wine bottles in the hundreds dangling from the branches

The music scene quite diverse
The hip hop and bluegrass playing out open windows
Cool mid Spring brings songs from open mic nights

Bar rooms and sidewalks full of strangers and friends
The friends on the walk to the grocery or Post Office
The friends from the wine or second hand thrift shops
The friends down at the barber shop and the HOP ice cream parlor

A pool of talent in West Asheville
Singers, painters, writers, and musicians of all caliber and background
The intellectually aware and the subversive outgoing types mingle as one



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