Last Page of a Moleskin

I am amongst a shipwreck,
And unwilling to attempt the swim for the white sandy shore

The cold water churns for society
And the razor’s edge steals air from my lungs

Destiny has called upon me for quite a many year
The captains of poetry and prose the
Sails for my lonely soul

I keep my maps hidden
And a compass close to my chest
I study them methodically,
On Full moon evenings such as these

Pushpins of desire and wanderlust for the vast unknown grip me in the shallow waters,
as the prospect of sailing away keeps me alive

I become less and less jaded
And contemplate merely my future chaotic currents


4 thoughts on “Last Page of a Moleskin

  1. sahbinahvioletflynn says:

    Loved this Eddie…haven’t heard from you in a while…are you off on an adventure?

    It was an amazing full moon that showered its glow beams into my room after many eves of being in the fog, those tufts of mist floating by my prow-shaped windows like a seductress’ veils…

    • Eddie Cabbage says:

      I Have been writing mostly, along with editing my upcoming book. I have taken a step away from my postings on WordPress and my blog to gain some perspective. I have been reading your writing though, and I enjoy your posts
      Thanks for checking up on me, I will try to post more often

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