Traffic signals and Philosophy

I was separated many full moons ago from society
I search for my greener grass and
An automatic response and possibility to be with those people

I write today and find a comfortable separation
I ignore the urge and keep my space
No gateway to understanding is needed
and I refuse the signal to join them

I am a possible storyteller
I could be a poet
A plausible philosopher of economic abandonment
An interpreter will hold your hand shortly

My Sails are in full course
and I have found the center of effort
My compass shows the right heading
An island all my own

I mix my poetry and my tales with my daily routine
I pay my bills with my deceit and
Write lies to one day own my debt

Immortality is not an easy journey
Tonight I pack my pen and moleskin
I attempt to beat artificiality into a structure
Servitude no longer my course and my artwork will present itself.

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