The Edge of Perception

I sit and stare at the constant flood of technology that surrounds my life.
I await the blog hits and wonder as I write, how to top my last sentence of forgetfulness

I am and become the pathetic stargazer of the same stars of my forefathers.

I want and desire to write the stars anew as if viewed for the first time and not plotting them out like the science it has become on my smartphone.

I live on the edge of perception and my tales impress the casual layman… The average man that society and capitalism aspires us to be. My words impress and confuse within the confines of the ability to read them. I now question how to make my lines the best, newest, and I rest on a brink of insanity and understanding.

I encourage a challenge.
I encourage the untold truth of a world other than this
I will impress if I can, but shall remain who i am as long as possible.
I am a commodity that you cannot buy or own.
I am a commodity you must read and simply wonder…what the fuck?


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