Philosophy and Soccer Teams

As we become writers we learn to reiterate and often times, we merely regurgitate forgotten or dusty thoughts from the shelf of an intellectual.
As we venture along the writers path we somehow discover the original and own the verbs and nouns as property of our own domain.
We are allowed to rediscover our laugh.
We remember a lost artifact of our childhood or hardship, or possibly a present tense and parable of life as we know it.
While other men are attempting to get ahead in the corporate world, we are daily struggling to complete a broken sentence. Ignorance is kind, but to that philosophy you cannot buy in.
The creative genius of life comes in the noisiest moments when we forgot and forget to rehearse the expected lines.
To be the strength In your life is and becomes your definition.
To be a writer, a poet, a philosopher, or the soccer coach for a children’s soccer team is a decision that becomes a choice between you and the generation you are going to educate

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