Beachside Snowangels

She asks for dreams of the beach, peaceful ocean breezes, and mermaids waving her ashore on this blistering cold February eve.
Gusts of unforgiving high pressure arctic currents rift us miles from where we want to be and ought to have been.
The positive aspirations disappear and self awareness proceed to take hold as the waves crash off the coast of Montauk.

Creating snow angels and spotless minds on the beach for anarchy and social responsibility.  No warm water or summer sun in sight as our ship wreck is our disillusioned days.  Working a 9-5 and fantasies of becoming Hemingway sipping on beachside coconuts are the hopeful nightmares keeping us apart.
The song of the north calls as if a mermaid hypnotizing us to ignore the forbidding shores ahead.

The frozen snow covered beach is a last retreat before calamity.  Toes freezing but comfortably  numb with the sensational memory of summer sand still warm in the mind.
Insanity and memory together tonight for a moment of reflection and destruction from which the universe was created.


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