Poetry and Tickling Toes

Do not fear a story, a novel, or an adventurous tale.
Instead, get caught up in the forbidden lines of poetry new and old,
and a deeper meaning found with less explanation or serendipitous facts.

Poetry will fill the lines on empty haunted pages,
Completes a sentence quickly and selfishly,
and has no requirement or duty in dotting the i’s or crossing the t’s.

Poetry wanders the streets to watch the people and cars passing by.
It asks for the ugly truth and wonders what it all means in the end.

Poetry is a hum in the ear that creates love songs in the moonlight.
Poetry is a rising sun on the sleepy eyes of insomnia.

Poetry is watching the simple and writing a twenty liner,
Contemplating the hardest trials of life,
and breaking it all down into a one line casual dismissal.

Poetry is writing of bare feet warmed by the afternoon sun and
tickling of toes with laughter in a relaxed moment.
Poetry is not knowing and basking in the freedom of it all


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