Quotation Nation – Occupy Wallstreet

“You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.” –Charles Bukowski

I am currently watching watching news, flipping through articles, and watching the updates on Facebook about these banking demonstrations by the 99%. To be honest I find these as a simple distraction, an annoyance…I do not feel that Americans have the will power to revolt anymore. The children of a doomed generation just do not have the stomach for it.

America has used, abused, and been a tyrannical dictator of politics and idealism since the 1950’s. The U.S. Has a great propaganda machine against social revolt. Our leaders actively preach against injustice, segregation, discrimination, and genocide against the defenseless. What a fucking joke. The U.S. continually supports the bottom dollar and our leaders—that 1% you are marching against are the president, congressmen, banking leaders, lobbyists, and media organizations you obey everyday. They could care less about freedom and injustice. The capitalist swine in Washington does not care about freedom in Libya. The politicians care about stability in their incomes and re-elections. Politicians care about special interest groups, Walmart, Ronald McDonald, Pharmaceutical companies, and you are just the grease that keeps the machine going. You are easily replaced by a foreign worker or consumer in a recently liberated country as the United States has overproduced and must grow like a virus

Our politicians are setting the people of the world free from cultural wars and instilling control with capitalism. Karl Marx said “For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him.” Corporations control our politicians, control election results, and thereby they control this country and the rest of the world. In twenty years Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iran will have the same dollar menus and over medicated population that you now find in any town U.S.A.

So go on. March on Wall street. Most of you are hypocrites, a fad, a mime in a radio debate. Your words are not heard and not comprehended. You have no direction. No demands. You camp out and protest capitalistic consumer based products and institutions one week and then stand in line for the new iphone the next week. As long as you buy the product of one of them you are supporting all of them. The Corporations will shrug their shoulders, create a new ad campaign showing how they are progressing, and wait for your Facebook updates and ads against them to increase their revenue. Your marching or occupying is just free advertising. Until you make them suffer by affecting their profit margins you are meaningless to them.

I say make the bureaucratic capitalist swine bastards pay. Burn Wall street to the ground. Beat the CEO’s to death with blood stained smart-phones. Rise up. Do not be manipulated. Reinvent the wheel and run over them with it. Think for yourself. Grab from the limousine that Billionaire banker living on a bonus from your tax dollar bailout and slit his fucking throat with your debit card. If you do not have the stomach for revolution then get off the streets. Anything less is just for show and is bullshit grandiosity. Save yourself first. If you want to make a difference then go home and cancel your bank account, cut up your credit cards, and buy local. Help build a community garden, learn self sustainable living, and show the 1% they do not own you.


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