Hammocks of Solitude

This skin flows like none of the predecessors.
Finding and recognizing a gift now becomes harder to deny.
Life spent grasping at shadows for destinations and perfect hammocks of solitude.
The puzzle piece that completes a masterpiece is always the first sentence, the first brushstroke of paint, or the first note played on a jazz piano.
Attempting be what others wanted for themselves can be a lifelong struggle and the spectacular views remain on the scenic path.
Desire it.
Preach it.
Be an author of destruction or a prophetic ray of sunshine.
Nothing else matters but the ink to page.
Pay the butchers bill with alienation from past promises left on a superhighway.
March onward to an editors pleasing heartbeat in the ear.
Glance at the long tunnel of life full of contemporaries and realize you must leave them wayside.
Give the rear view mirror of doubt the middle finger and drive on.
Sleep at night with a peaceful glow and thoughts of the words dancing in colorful dreams of shopping malls, lifelong marathons, and bags full of novelty gifts.
This skin and the simplicity of discovery the path of humanity alone.


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