Quotation Nation – Eye Candy, Obama, and Anti-Lock Brakes

“A particularly beautiful woman is a source of terror. As a rule, a beautiful woman is a terrible disappointment.”
–Carl Jung

I must be crazy and a little naïve as a young writer to attempt the dangerous subject of the beautiful woman. Women are truly mystical creatures and have been the muse of countless historical poets, philosophers, and novelists of genius stature. I will stray away from the mythical terror of the beautiful woman, and as I have said before keep that for another days quote. The contemporary terror of the beautiful woman and the disappointment she presents in the world we live in today is truly real. Not only is a beautiful woman a terror and disappointment to men in general, but also to themselves. The general misconception of beautiful women to the layperson is this. That life for the beautiful is an easy road. That the beautiful in society have everything handed to them and do not have to work for what they receive. This is totally false. Beyond getting doors held for them, receiving free drinks at bars, and the general easy manipulation of the common man, they do not have the world handed to them on a silver platter. I see plenty of ugly women if not more receiving free drinks than their beautiful counterparts. This is because men are desperate to talk and sleep with women. Drinking increases this urge and beauty rarely is a crucial factor in our purchase of said drinks. Beautiful woman are intimidating and men find it easier to relate to an average girl than to attempt to conquer the so called unattainable. It is easier to possibly sleep with the girl next door and not the girl we see on beer commercials. What do we have that a beer commercial girl would want? They might possibly want our beer gut, or to hear about normal guy issues? I wonder if beautiful women feel cheated out of certain chances and conversations because of their beauty. There is the disappointment factor with a beautiful woman as well. What I mean is that a beautiful woman is on a pedestal. She is the sun, the moon, the stars. Where is she to go next? She has pocket books filled with makeup to stay on her A-game. But, ultimately something will happen and she will look ugly. On the other hand, the “average girl” can only improve. She can make you laugh, smile, give you the right wink, or just be supportive and she becomes beautiful. You do not start off intimidated by the “average girl”. My stance is on the terror side more than anything. I am not scared to speak with a beautiful woman. I am also able to find beautiful something other than the exterior. I am also simply a product of evolution and cannot control my glances and desire to stare at the aesthetic wonder that is a beautiful woman. An example of this was why I wrote this column. As I was driving today along the river it was a particularly spectacular blue sky afternoon. It was one those late summer days where fall is right around the corner with a slight breeze rustling the trees along my drive. I had my windows rolled down and some Bob Marley playing through my stereo. I slowly started to drive past two beautiful women in bikinis walking along the road. I watched them intensely with the word “wow” on the tip of my tongue. A tall curvy redhead and a petite Brunette were of different proportions and of equal and mystical beauty. I glanced in my rear-view for that last keepsake eye candy. I looked straight ahead just in time to see traffic at a standstill and brake lights interrupting my drive. I immediately put my full weight behind the brake and came to a screeching halt behind a blue Prius with the standard Obama bumper sticker stamp. I took a quick glance to see if the two women were laughing at me and was surprised to see that they did not turn around at all. I assume this happens quite regularly for a beautiful woman. It must be a casual day to have men buying drinks, holding doors, and being in random near collisions involving moving vehicles. I do not believe I even hinted or cracked the surface of this topic or quote. I am glad that there are so many more out there regarding women that I can periodically return to this subject. What I do hope for in writing this now is what our current President used as his campaign platform which is CHANGE. I want real change in the world. What change do I want to see do you ask? I want to see a safer world for everyone and free from terror. I say the first step is change should be road signs that state “Caution, Beautiful women walking nearby!”


2 thoughts on “Quotation Nation – Eye Candy, Obama, and Anti-Lock Brakes

  1. siubhan says:

    there’s a lot of potential here with this topic, but it does feel a little scattered to me. i like the way you use the personal anecdote to make your point, but i wish there were more of a paragraph break between ideas.

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