Slow Dancing with Two Left Feet

Clair De Lune for Piano

Memories exist as romantic interludes.
The stars, the rivers, the gardens, and mountains reflecting deep in the eyes. transfixed and embraced on the other while dancing the night away.

Leaning in for kisses and aching legs wrapped ’round the waist.
The scent of flowing hair capturing a heart forever.
Lace undergarments thrown about in a candle lit room.

Capturing the world
And avoiding two left feet.
Holding hands on long walks,
And brushing away the troubles tomorrow may bring.
Embracing foggy forgetfulness,
And allowing magical moments to simply exist.

The crowd around disappears one by one.
The world collapsing on the backs of lovers and their desperate hearts intent.
Looking forward to an eternity on soft pink lips,
Is humanities true life wish.


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