Game Time

Somewhere beneath the surface,
I’m hiding.
Somewhere near the edge,
I’m afraid.
Somewhere, close at hand
I’m in love.

Is my mind playing tricks on me?
Is it I, who plays the tricks on my mind?

Feelings and desires can
Devour the world.
Hating complacency and indifference all around is not a deadly sin.

Come close to see,
Or turn and run.
But, wait and see,
You may be surprised,
It’s Game time.

Wake up in the morning with a thought in the mind.
You cannot escape it, plaguing your soul with
Every second
Every Day.

Get your act together and pretend to be kind.
Strap on your nice face,
It’s game time.

Windows to the soul are clear in the eyes.
But, most have three shades drawn.
Better to be melancholy and sublime.
So wipe those sleepy eyes and get ready,
It’s game time.

What is normal?
Is it appearance?
Normal may lie in what you make disappear?
The rabbit is hidden well in the society in which we march.
Hidden so devious it cannot be seen.
Normal lies now in making the illusion real.
So, put on your magic hat and come and see,
It’s game time.

Bit by bit,
carrying on.
No reasons
No questions why.
Better go get lit,
It’s game time.

Put away the Ambercrombie and come and see,
Laughter is kinder when you do not give a Fuck.

Self-doubt is only a projection in a mirror.
Dive and complain,
Swim through the mind.
Be careful.
Be aware.
It’s dark,
It’s scary.
Nothing to prepare it with.
Get your life jacket on,
It’s game time.


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