Bluebirds Flying over Fire Pits

I want to find my love in this world.
Until today writing has been my only truly faithful muse.

A beauty lies on the Horizon.
A gorgeous mix of comfort and pain.
She needs to catch up
And not stay so far behind.

She is not ahead,
Or so I tell myself this is so.
I cannot speed up or slow down any further.
My speedometer is on mute,
I just hear my pace in my mind.

I am at this pace,
Until my true muse I do find.

Heartbreak, sorrow, and pink bras hanging on the shower hook I do not fear.
I have seen it, felt it, and have been possessed by it before.

I don’t want to look for answers, explain myself at all times, depend on a savior, or even give out the rules we should live by.
I just want that woman to pat me on the back,
And wipe the tears from the keys on my typewriter as I dive deeper into my sublime.

I look for my completion.
I look for that twinkle of a woman in her eye.
I proudly state she will to be the muse of my bluebird soul.

I will try not to succumb to the lonely,
But have been known to tote the “only the lonely” late into the night on my arm.


2 thoughts on “Bluebirds Flying over Fire Pits

  1. Promising Poets' Poetry Cafe says:

    good luck in find your love, well expressed passion.

    PS: please let me know if you decide to take the perfect poet award, leave a comment under the award post along with your award post link, appreciate your support to poets rally.
    keep writing,
    join again this Thursday.

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