Mending Fences of Summer

To my garden on a steamy afternoon this story will unfold.
Amongst the Zinnia flowers of blue, pink, yellow, and blue.
I casually walk in the tomato rows
For a glance at you.

What I found was only disappointment and anger.
Otis the Groundhog dropped a half eaten tomato out of his mouth, grew a bewildered look on his face and darted for a tunnel escape left the day before.
For him none could be found,
Only a heavy rock in its place.

He is my nemesis of my gardening year.
He consumes my crop daily,
And I feel his laughter so clear.
I fix and mend fences after he has gone,
To outsmart that bastard I continue to think on.

But today he is caught in my grasp.
I grab the ax and grip it strong in my hand.
He has had his last meal,
And I will put him to his end.

I raise it high above my head and ready my aim.
Off with his head I say aloud,
So my garden can slowly mend.

I hesitate and look in his eyes.
A scared lonely survivor is what I find.
I feel his intelligence, and that should not be his end.
I grab the shovel and dig a hole under the wire.
I give him a swift kick in his rear,
As he wedges his way clear.

Off into the kudzu jungle he runs
Shaking and scared.
I feel I taught him a lesson, and he may never return.
But, I listen and almost hear,
From his belly a laugh and delicious tomato belch.

I feel relief That my nemesis carries on.
To beat him perfectly and honestly is a quest I will not surrender with a hateful death swing.
I wipe the sweat from my brow,
Grab my hammer, and a handful of nails.
Mending fences is never easy,
But at least my conscience is clear.

I went for a garden stroll.
I strayed low for an instant,
But for this reflection,
to Otis I do owe.


13 thoughts on “Mending Fences of Summer

  1. charlesmashburn says:

    Well done! I built a bird-screen covered structure over my tomatoes to keep the birds out. One got in, of course, and I was filled with murderous intent much as you were with your furry friend. I went in and spent some time coaxing it out the door. Great poem. Well written!

  2. luna15 says:

    it made me chuckle as i have been in the situation. eating my carrots and onions with glee. me telling him off and fist shaking.
    and yes mending fences all over again.
    i adored this!

    • Eddie Cabbage says:

      He is my nemesis. He has since the time I wrote this totally detsroyed my garden. I should have picked about 100 tomatoes by now out of my lower garden and have picked only 4

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