Space Monkey Without the Shave

I whisper to myself late into the night,
Long after the booze take control.

I attempt to be what you want,
But still refuse to believe what I see.

Inspiration, confidence, and understanding are all misdirection I have acquired,
To keep me protected from the herd.

I want to run naked in the streets.
To this epiphany I claim blasphemy.

Am I meant to be caged,
As if a monkey just pushing buttons?
I have been trained,
I accept my treat of solitude,
and continue the work with what I am accustomed to.


3 thoughts on “Space Monkey Without the Shave

  1. mindlovemisery says:

    I can’t drink, I know it’s blasphemy a 30 yr old whose never been drunk. It just doesn’t mix with Epilepsy medication. I am in Sweden now people drink a lot, they party hard and often but their pretty fucking laid back so I still have a good time dancing like an idiot and observing.

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