Late Night Kung Fu

The earth bleeds with humanity and childlike embarrassment that she is the mother.
Oil spills, i-pods, and longer lasting light bulbs are the real religion today.

Look at the cell phone, ideals, and instant gratification desired and know slavery still exists.

Humanity trapped and owned.
No solutions.
No resolutions.
God walked the earth.
Mankind and a superiority complex killed tranquility long ago.

Own nothing or everything.
Skin color or clothing designer means little.
Death finds and re-distributes all the same.
Finding acceptance and peace is history, but to finding a savior,
Humanity is doomed all the same.


5 thoughts on “Late Night Kung Fu

  1. mindlovemisery says:

    You’ve made some brilliant points here, incredible poem. I am probably the only person terrified of my cell phone not for brain cancer or anything I just hate talking on the phone and it’s a phone that follows you around.

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