Indifference and my Two Cents

I want to forget my words, and move onto a breeders course.
These moments pass as quickly as they came.

I want to love my life.
I wake up and refuse to look into my eyes in the mirror.
Then again what the fuck would I do without mornings like these.
What a bore to groom, trim, and go to a job I would want to be at.

I agree with my abnormal.
“I am dreaming with a broken heart” says John Mayer, and I agree with it every crusty eyed morning.
I refuse to wake up and be told how I should feel about the day ahead.

I hate your news.
I hate your politics.
What is the Point?
I don’t want to fall in line at a lesser tragedy than my own existence.

I wake with a pain of conversations had in a thousand bars.
I dream of that talk going toward destiny.
Destiny leads nowhere,
She is an evil bitch I avoid.

I live with a scared sense of wonder.
Rich in idealism and a drunk soul gets me through the days to match my liver.
I laugh at the previous day,
Surrender to a shower, shave, and commit to the surreal indifference of the life ahead of me.


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