Dreams of Breathing Saltwater for Ginger and Gilligan

I can hear the dark ocean currents calling me, deep within my ear.
First, I must cast away this line tying me to shore.
It is the power, persuasion, and epic frontiers of deep waters that drive me on.

Navigating by the constellations, reefs, and shipwrecks of the past.
Tales of cannon blasts, hot days filled with songs of sailors, pirates and the tap tap tap of saltwater caressing the stern.

I want the depths of the unknown,
And the wisdom in discovery that new lands bring.
I want my Odyssey, the Muse of water that sits on rock and sings as a curse to foreboding shores, and lighthouses guiding my path.

I want to find my mind.
I want to find my place.
I want to clear off the dust and Find what I have been waiting for.

I plot to capture a spirit inside long dismissed and forgotten.

Alienation and misunderstanding are paths beaten down by stronger men.
I am a man boy of words and to my adventures in life and past heroes I don’t compare.
I disappear into their stories of life sunk deep below the sea as I ready my sails for days to come.


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