Drum Circles and Lost Expectations

A Drum circle beat and the kindled fires light of amber colored sunsets on my mind.
Cold Pbr, Vodka wings,
And another mindless night ahead.

Half hearted ales, Music,
And antiquated hearts beating at a pace.

Walking streets of empty dreams

A scene from The Matrix fills my head.
A cave dwelling society called Asheville.
They Drum the beat of survival
A midsummers night reprival,
For a break from the weekday peril.

A new moon and sweat glistening in moonlight,
I watch the orchestra players composed of baristas, lawyers, and sidewalk grinders collaborating on thoughts put to pulled cow skin drums.

I meet, greet, and kiss upon a cheek masses of people I hope to never meet again.
Themselves and myself we belong apart.
We shall only fall apart again,
In another city.
Another place.
In another sweaty drum circle.


3 thoughts on “Drum Circles and Lost Expectations

  1. Jingle Poetry says:

    the imagery is stunning, music, moonlight, drums, and wow…

    Please join poetry potluck week 42 today,
    Feel free to submit random poems or poems unrelated to our theme.
    Happy Tuesday.
    appreciate your input.

    • Eddie Cabbage says:

      Thanks for following my journey! You are a champion for the poetic community today. Wish I had the time, patience, and resources to keep up with my contemporaries like you do.

      Keep up the good work.

      Ps–I will thank you with a post on you’re weekly potluck

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