Tchaikovsky,Vodka, and Summer days that last for years

To listen to Tchaikovsky
And ponder the crowd

New books to write
New symphonies for my ears

I speak up and respond
But I kid you not tonight
To my own world and those hymns I belong

Ancient but true the chords play on

Today is history and the songs of
Tomorrow to my ears are dust

I take shelter in the past
And wisdom amazingly still passed down
The future has brought access and excess
What remains of the day are the facts

I may sit here and appear to you drinking alone
Vodka with wings
The ability to ignore
the society in which I live and somehow still believe in wisdom.

My glass gets shorter,
But I order on.
I will make a destination for truth
On another nightly somber cruise.
I will just be here drinking with Tchaikovsky and ponder summer and compose on.

Bar Napkin Poetics

Bar Napkin Philosophies: Poetry of Squandered Intelligence


33 thoughts on “Tchaikovsky,Vodka, and Summer days that last for years

  1. C Rose says:

    I enjoyed the composition of this piece, it really carries a lovely flow. I only wish I would have had some Tchaikovsky playing when I landed. Beautiful write ~ Rose

    • Eddie Cabbage says:

      Inspiration is made in a bottle
      It was poured for mankind

      I read and drink upon stories
      That the bible of absolute brings

      To be sober is the new protestant pulpit.
      I want to break free and just drink.
      I will order up my god with two poked olives and a splash of lime or grenadine

      • Eddie Cabbage says:

        I would be inclined to prove what I write,
        What I have to say.
        I have nothing but chorus’
        That belong to blue sky perfect days.
        I am a cloudy past.
        I am a foggy reminder.
        Work must be done, and words must be written.

        I believe in the drunk mans dream,
        The poetic aspiration of days to come.

        Did I write that?
        Did I write this?
        I will let the conspiracy of today decide,
        And respond quietly as if I have no care in the world,
        With only my originality I can confide.

      • Fountains says:

        Well it seems inspiration takes you at a moment’s notice. 🙂 I like the way you think. Keep on alluding to the marriage of poetry and drink and we might become the best of friends.

  2. chartay23 says:

    I like the use of the word “somber” in a poem about drinking. It is close enough to “sober” to bring sobriety to mind…

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