2011 Garden Day 80

Took a walk through the garden today and took a dozen photos. I will try to upload them and put the link here. I transplanted a couple Squash, Tomato, and cucumber plants from the porch to the garden.
I am amazed out how hearty the squash is becoming. The plants are like satellite dishes receiving light from the sun and daily expanding.
My watermelon, pumpkin, and cantaloupe plants are doing well. They had a later start than ideal, but hopefully will still yield some tasty treats and Halloween scares.
The gourds have grown up to the second floor porch garden and have begun flowing nightly.
I am also getting eggplants growing enormously out of the pots on the porch. I am getting to recognize each vegetable and flower as it progresses through stages of development. Growing a garden from seed is better than any education you can get from books or a classroom.


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