Lips that Curl

She has a soft spoken face
I know a story lies within.

She has lips that curl with defining words and passion.
She understands, but forgets for the public audience she immerses herself in.

Her hair is dark and waving like a summer rain.
I forget my worries looking into amber eyes.
she a storm for my horizon, and I gaze and ponder.
I make a wish for it to be soon hanging overhead.

She knows or maybe not I glance in her direction.
She knows she is the reason I order another drink,
And linger on a little longer.
I want to know her perils,
Her reason to not smile so.
This may seem strange, but ultimately it seeks to find the true depth of soul in her smile.

I want to sink my lips deep,
And taste her feminine powers.
I want to breathe her into my lungs,
And control her womanly desires.
She has an air of allure.
She knows this, feels this, owns this.
Can I be the thief or possibly the safe cracker that breaks in?


13 thoughts on “Lips that Curl

  1. Leonargo says:

    This line is really beautiful and I loved it “I want to breathe her into my lungs” . But be careful in controlling her if one is trying to own 😉

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