Sinful Smiles

She is evil and sweet,
Devils fire and an Angelic wind.

She is Soft with her caring hands,
Demanding with a forceful tongue.

I crave her unmade face that wakes in the early morning hours, ready to take on the world.

I desire the temptress that haunts the late night hours, taking photos to help forget the worries of weekday perils.

I crave the girl who appears to be quietly amused with my lunacy for her.

I desire to know what brings a smile to her soul, and what reflection she hopes in her heart to see one day.

I am a madman of sorts with a desire for the woman that persists in captivating my dreams.

I sit and stare, and try not to step on my tongue. I am obvious with no words to hide behind, just a smitten grin and a wish to commit some sin.


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