Bottled Fire Flies

I enjoy writing the inspiration of a moment,
To capture it is a firefly in a bottle.

Moments of complete reflection come and go like a summer rain.

I want to be original beyond a poetic verse,
Break the spell of ages,
And offer you my hearts true words.

I feel it has been said,
But I would be lying if I did not quote it.
These are words of me and days
That I feel heartbreak and lonely,
When you are distant from me.

I know nothing of romantic gesture and Shakespeare’s devotion.
I have never put a dagger to my throat.
I just know I sleep better at night,
With loves facts at my hand.
You are the warm tingle I feel,
When I ponder sleep or a dreamers quest of slumber abandon.


2 thoughts on “Bottled Fire Flies

    • Eddie Cabbage says:

      Thank you. I want to add this as a larger piece to a couple other writings I have posted. I love Fireflies. They are an ink to my pen. They are a creatures that have mystified my mind since childhood. I love how they suddenly appear this time of year. I am yet to see one yet, hopefully soon

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