2011 Garden Day 13

soil prep 1

soil prep 1

soil prep, raised beds

soil prep, raised beds

soil prep 3

soil prep 3

I Began the morning with a trip to Lowes for Black Cow soil, some rich top soil, and some organic blood meal.

I turned over the current top soil and mixed in some top soil to even out the hillside and raised beds. I added some bags of Black Cow to the top soil after I made my rows of raised beds.

Last step I added some organic blood meal for some added Nitrogen.

I am planning on planting in a few days. Want to allow the soil time to settle and the nitrogen to disperse evenly after the next rainy day

Side note:
This hillside I am planting on is notorious for bad poison Ivy. After digging, mixing, and turning over the entire hillside I am fully expecting a wicked case of poison Ivy. It was a hot day and foolishly worked in shorts and no gloves.

Stay tuned for picturesof the itchy outbreak if it occurs.


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