Mountain Top Trails

Piano trio in E Flat major

Walking hand in hand,
The day and the breeze a perfect
Cocktail of lost resemblance,
Of who we quietly aspire to be.

Hidden idiosyncrasies and doubt,
We walk heartfelt stride for stride,
In a direction we agreed was true.

Stop here. Mingle there.
Pick a flower, and drink from a stream.
Darkness drew slowly upon us,
Only sunsets ahead to the milder of days.

A stranger soon was to pass,
He walked the path alone.
To his own rhythm, a skip to his step. No shift of eye or momentum,
As he moved quietly and affirmatively past.

A simple glance my darling shot me was all that was needed.
Her thoughts were clear,
no words my way needed.
What a silly creature he is.
To waste the day as he must be doing.
For him, no one to understand, hear the beauty, and to comprehend his day.

Sonata for keyboard

I give no cadence or explanation,
The hurry is in my eyes.
Get on or get past,
Just for god’s sake hurry along.

I Cannot explain,
There are only so many more lines and miles to paint on my blank canvas.
I must be the artist of me.
For some other I cannot wait,
For it is myself I must create.

I go here to there,
And I pay the dues that are demanded.
To have you hear my words,
Is more than just a wish.
This is the reason I hurry on past.

So forget today,
And remember some day,
A future long from now.
Tell some story of how we almost met,
But I was in a hurry,
And Rushed Quietly and affirmatively past.


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