Wicked Slumber

I always keep at a distance from you.

I keep waiting for you to come to me.

I wait, but you do not show.

Others are out there.

Why do I want you?

You’re such a


I get no sleep,

Running away to find you.

On a train to nowhere,

Is where you are.

The deceit of self proclamation is, and

always will be My downfall.

I lay my head down onto a soft pillow.

I wait for sleep under this cold sky.

I’m excited because of you.

I wait for sleep,

Wondering about you.

I lose slumber,

Wandering in my mind.

I want peace,

Defying the odds with you.

Euphoria and bliss are the tools,

That makes my destiny come to me.

I depart for you,

With my deceit.

I will meet you in my sleep.

The moon lights the sky,

And the clouds hang above,

Like a blanket.

I don’t know what love is.

I will find you,

Just to redefine those moments for


Give me some time.

Give me some grace.

Take my sleep for I don’t need it,

And just Take me away on a midnight


Just give me my Dreams.


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