Toubab Krewe Article

I was at a Toubab Krewe show at the Orange Peel and wrote an article about it and it never got published. I am re-editing it and will post it here when complete. I need to look up the show date and my old notes.  The show was pre Bel Chere in 2006 or 2007. I believe I interviewed Dave and Justin that night. Also, I would love to catch up with band members and do a follow up interview/show review. I was with a film crew that taped the show for the band and my article got shelved for some reason.  I will keep you posted.  It was a great show, and my lack of musical show writing/review experience is most likely why it was never published mainstream.  I have some great quotes and interviews with audience members and cannot wait to re-edit this piece.

one quote from my article I have on hand is “A late night groove for the insomniac and closet dance maniac alike.”……anyone who has been to a Toubab Krewe show should totally understand that vibe.

Stay Tuned!!

–Eddie Cabbage


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