Christmas In July

As day grew and gave way to night,
The evening beings that roam these hours,
Started to make their way out and about.

As I sat down by my river on a smooth rock amongst the rough,
I saw the strangest creature since my childhood days.
A small firefly seemed to be dancing to some musical harmony,
That my ears could not yet quite hear.
This little creature,
then began lighting the night,
As if a lighthouse keeper,
Directing the ships to harbor.
Flashing two and fro,
Letting all the others around know,
How and where to go.

It seemed a signal,
Or a ritual dance of sorts,
Cause soon enough, more joined in,
To produce a Christmas show,
On this breezy summers eve.

This was certainly a mysterious bugs life dance.
I felt impressed with this mountain air and nightlife all around
My presence must have sooner than thought been sensed,
And passed around amongst themselves.
The authorities were soon to arrive,
To get me up and drive me inside.
Mosquito’s they were,
Ready and willing to bite,
along with some friendly deputies,
Horseflies to my delight.

I did not stay to gander about much longer.
I will make it inside in just enough time,
To see my skin bellowing in irritated red anger.
So that was the night,
Now and forever more,
Screened porches from now on I will watch.
For now, I think I will pull up a seat next to my chimney fire,
Scratch and itch away the bite,
And maybe I’ll just write.

By: Eddie Cabbage


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