Busy Bees

I personally love to go out and people watch. I know a lot of people say this, but I do not believe that the majority of people who people watch do it properly. Most people go out and say they are people watching at bars and social gatherings because they are either too insecure to talk to strangers or do not have anything interesting to talk about.

I love to understand and watch people interact. It is more then just sitting back and analyzing people or making fun of people. Which can be fun too. It is about watching a woman from across the bar or out of the corner of your eye for a period of time. It is about watching the facial expressions of her as she laughs with her friends. It is about understanding her body language as a guy either drunk or sober attempts to start a conversation with her. It is not unlike how a poker player watches his adversaries from across the table and attempts to pick up tells.

I am by no means a ladies man. Far from it is what I would say. I do not have the end game required to disregard my adversary like I would in a poker game after owning them in a hand. What I do claim to have is more than an arbitrary gift for gab. I am a social engineer for letting people talk about themselves. It is not hard. Most people really do just wait for their chance to speak.

You can see the best and worst in people as you casually watch them go about their night. As a writer, I often take what I see and imagine the conversations people are having. I often contemplate what is going through the mind of a Woman as her friends go to the bar to get another drink and leave her there like an abandoned child in a supermarket. Is she herself contemplating what they are thinking about her? Is she trying to think of a funny joke to tell when they come back? What is she thinking about!
Maybe it is just the internal dialogue that I have in my head at all times that distracts me from interaction. Sometimes it is just easier watching the interactions of others. Watching other people reminds me of busy bees flying around. To myself as a writer, I feel I am just a gardener, looking for their work to further along my garden and to their efforts help it flourish.



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