Borrowed Facts

I can’t be the luck I have read about,
Bukowski talked of days like this.
I am the luck of my travels,
Which are few and far between today.

I can’t be of this generation,
I strive to find something new.
I am the lack of direction you see,
In your rear view mirror passing near.

I can’t be a word of wisdom in your ear,
Frost was the last to pass that on.
I am the strife of today and technology,
And the undefinable word spelled LIES.

I can’t be these words,
I know they are borrowed facts.
I am the aristocrat of truth,
And to the definition I give none.

I can be what I quote,
Just give me some ease.
I am poor and rich gathered as one,
And to tonight I belong to neither one.


2 thoughts on “Borrowed Facts

  1. Jessica says:

    I like the reference to Frost and Bukowski, and the phrase ‘aristocrat of words’. This poem requires more than one read!

    And I never realised you were on WordPress, and that you wrote!

    • Eddie Cabbage says:

      I found you on Facebook after you left me that Paul Simon comment. I think you were doing the Jingle poet rally. I try to just do funny stuff and quotes on facebook and leave my blog for original writing. I love reading your wordpress writings

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