My Desire

I’m walking in circles,
It seems as if I have been here for years.
I try to understand,
But the language I hear I can’t comprehend.
I want to be a voice to something great,
But to get past myself is a situation I have to create.

I am poor and disillusioned.
To the future I preach hate.
I want to be left to my devices,
But they are broken and I have nothing left to show.
I am alone in a field,
and to myself I am the crop of disbelieve I grow.

I understand my struggle,
And to days of lost dreams,
I am just a explorer in time,
With only my own place to find.
To eternity I know discovery that is still there.

I want to understand you,
And the twisted life you lead.
You are my desire,
But to my trials and desperate hours,
Your simple toils don’t seem to matter,
And I want to be the call that your day follows.


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