Bizzarro Superman

I am almost impressed with the amount of times my name is used in links for spam advertising. I mean if you Google “Eddie Cabbage” you will find a collection of my writings, blogs, and favorite quotes. But, if you have read anything I have written you would realize I would not be blogging about how awesome the Tundra truck is or how you should try celebrity yoga or what not. I guess I should be flattered that internet geeks are using my name to sell products. But I’m not!…They are just using the fact the I get a shitload of internet name search requests to borrow my name to sell their products.
I do think it is comical though that a Tucker Max quote I put up from “I hope they serve beer in hell” about the McGriddle got linked to a site about how to use a condom.
Makes me LMAO(that’s Laughing my ass off) for you noobs out there.

I am sure this post will be linked to timeshare availability in South Africa and Teeth Whitening Dental care.


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