Mellow Afternoon

I dream of the sun and the requiem it allows my eyes.
I try to aspire to greater things
But the mellow afternoons and the whisper in your eye is what I crave.

I can’t pretend to be great.
I am merely the dreams I create,
And to bar hop and drink,
I Just try to find the land I wish to desecrate.

I view and discriminate
And hate the crowd of which I mix.
Just to catch your wandering eye,
Is the moment of excellence in which I will abbreviate.

That sentence may sound as if to rhyme for you,
I’m sure I meant it not as so.
I will only be the armor of a man,
That you have been so desperate to clad yourself in.

I have lied so many times,
That no one knows my truth.
I swim these backwaters of my mind,
To find you’re desperately seeking, something more than an update status,
And caught up in the life drama like I am.

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