I Hate my JOB

I seriously Hate my fucking Job! There is a reason I haven’t served tables at a Restaurant in years. It is not because I am bad at it, or because I don’t like the customers. I flippin rock my tables! I enjoy conversations with my tables and try to make their experience a good one. I grew up in a sales position and understand what a good server should provide.
What I hate is dollar an hour management that loves to stand over you and micro-manage your day and your section. I am not a professional waiter. I apologize. But please take your elitist attitude and shove it up your ass.
The thing I hate most is that I am financially unable to tell the pig vomit management to shove it. I need the piss poor money I do make weekly to pay rent and keep me from robbing the nearest bank or stealing from the elderly as they stroll down the street.
Normally, I would just tell said management to fuck off and leave me alone. I believe that is how I exited my last two serving jobs.

So I will just rant on here and look for less demeaning ways to make rent. And when that day comes, I will happily hang up my non-slip shoes and move on.



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