So Many Wonders

So many wonders

Take them


Leave them.

So many wonders,

Under the moonlight,

Try and leave them behind.

So many wonders,

Will these mountains fall away?

All is quiet on the western front.

No one to stay,

And dance the night away.

So many wonders,

For my eyes to see,

Maybe I will let it be.

I am mixed up in another exploitation of spirit,

I think I’ll fly away.

So many wonders,

We get to deep,

Maybe the hills will hide me away.

So many wonders,

I wish they could see.

So many wonders,

Where I used to play.

There’s green grass in the field,

For all to see.

I’m coming home.

I’m waiting to play.

So many wonders,

Under the heavens.

Will your angels fall with the coming rain?

So many wonders,

The sky comes crashing down.

You are covered in dragons fire and

Hidden in smoke.

So many wonders,

You were under the stars.

Be ready.

Be sure.

So many wonders,

Your shadow dances with your beat.

Should you take a chance?

So many wonders,

Every flavor to taste and

I don’t care which.

So many wonders,

Will it all come to an end?

Smoke another cigarette,

And watch the days pass on.

So many wonders,

And the songs you sing.

Keep the melodies in your head.

I turned up the volume,

Till there was ringing in my ears.

So many wonders,

The stars that fly.

Under a cold sun,

I see the diamonds in your eyes.

So many wonders,

The winters never end.

So many wonders,

Ocean water on my mind.

So many waves left to ride,

So many shells left to find.

So many wonders,

Wives and mothers,

Care for the world.

Where did you go?

So much left to care for.

I’m lost for you.

So many wonders,

Dreams that keep me awake.

I’m begging you just

Don’t throw it all away.

Dreams of summer,

And the fire flies in your eyes.

In my haste,

You let it go to waste.

You must be tired,

Of this



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