“Tremble” by Jessa Berkey | Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just need to hear the words,
feel each vowel and consonant
roll off the tongue,
before it becomes clear.

Just need the tangible
firmly grasped in each hand –
watch the rough edges –
before it takes shape.

Just need this to break open
and silence all the echos
before it suffocates.

What happened to the quake
in the time of my thoughts of this life and what it means to you?
What happened to the day
of flight and fancy free fervor in that direction?
Could you ease the song?
Could you ease the sweet?
Could you ease the unfounded illusion
that plays so gently down?

The streets linger in that sensual way –
the smell of dusk and possibility so inviting
it whispers to me.

So can you ease my song?
Can you ease my sweet?
I trashed all my illusions –
I don’t want to go gently down.



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