Corporate Clothing

The characters we meet,
The people we greet,
Transitional players,
In the game.
We change our face,
To match our place.
To many compromises,
That can’t and won’t replace,
What it is we left behind.

A new attitude,
To match our new clothes,
In this corporate world,
Of takeovers and mergers.
Who can say,
You were wrong or
You were right.
Cause the colors blend,
Over what is truth.

Keep your suits,
And your hot rod car.
Cause I’m leaving that behind.
Don’t know where I’m going,
But, I’ll sure know,
When I’m getting there.

I’m in over my head,
These games we play,
It’s getting confusing,
Trying to tell who’s a friend or foe.

Can we call it quits,
And play another day?
Call this a scrimmage,
Or just a rainy day.
I guess what I am saying is I need the sun,
To see me through.


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