Whisper of the Muse

We are searching for our Muse
Their ideas have always enchanted us.
What you call ancient mythology,
I call for today, and a missing need
For inspiration to get through these days.

We are weaker than we like to pretend to be.
We are waiting for that kind whisper,
Of a cool and calm lover in our ear.
That voice that confidently and sweetly, gives us the answers we are waiting to hear.
These answers are the desire of understanding, that has finally been brought our way.

It is more than just company while waiting in an arbitrary line.
It is more than the conversation that is kept in between.
It is the understanding that things makes sense.
It is only true when you add one plus one and get just the Two.
Who would have thought it would be you?



3 thoughts on “Whisper of the Muse

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