Endless Pier

I miss my days,
And the nights in between.
To be a stranger,
is something today,
I dismiss of me.

I am so public,
But always in hiding so well.
To be the epic I desire,
Is a coherent thought I don’t consume.

I feel the heartache of a love unquoted.
I am the tale of a desperate spirit,
That watches the stories unbounded.
A fox in the Aesop that only shows fear in the face of some animal tale,
To my story the parable is so unclear.

I feel I can’t be what the day desires,
To my own tale and my own future I paddle.
In this endless ocean of subliminal content I swim, as a lonely dissenter,
The anarchist I am is more than a statement.
Dissolution is my gift,
And I hope it spreads to you.

There is a truth I see thru the eyes I have been given to perceive,
Not so gifted, but torched with my believes.
I am just walking the endless pier of truth,
And all the while,
I envelope the lost dream,
That somehow explains is all to you.



7 thoughts on “Endless Pier

  1. Fountains says:

    “I feel the heartache of a love unquoted” and “I feel I can’t be what the day desires” – wow. It’s all because of just one person. You really speak to me, Eddie.

    • Eddie Cabbage says:

      Digging through my blog I see.
      I like that. Glad you are enjoying them.
      I was rather impresses with that line myself. Titles I give writings can be and are extremely random…sometimes just titles that make me laugh, think, smile, or tickles the ‘cockles of your heart’.

  2. Fountains says:

    I always have such a difficult time going back through older poetry. I either think it’s no longer up to par or I can’t edit anything because I’m no longer feeling that way, you know? I suppose that’s why most of my deeper or more meaningful writing doesn’t get posted on this site, just the rhymed or cutesy stuff. I hope you keep the “bar napkin” idea, though, as I really like that. Have you been published?

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