The Tao of me

I have read the Bhagavad Gītā and the versus it preaches on.
I have heard and sat thru the preachers words of the Christian parables, and the ancient stories it regurgitated onto us all.
I took what I could and moved forward,
With only with what I thought I could.
Those simple and translucent days of soaking in what I was told was good.

I have come to a new place in my heart, it may seem dark or callous,
Because I comprehend that what I was told were simple lies, as if a fairy tale told to generations of children to keep them simple and without questioning minds.
To be my own truth in a corrupt world, is what is destined for me. The Tao is the only philosophy that is truly ancient and somehow always new to me.

To know that there is no absolute and no story waiting for me keeps me moving forward.
To understand and believe that I am the only force that holds my so called soul is a peaceful surrender to what you call damnation.
I know that I do not know is the only truth that I can and will hold true is the Tao to me.

Brought to you by Eddie Cabbage


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