Vegi-Ventures day 3-6

So I am not gonna attempt to catch up individual blog days by posting multiple vegi-ventures all at once. I instead with give a summary of my holiday weekend being meat free.
I have spent days 3-6 of being a vegetarian with a serious positive attitude regarding not only the attempt to remove meat from my diet, but also the belief that things in my life I was slowly giving up on are still very possible.
There is a great quote from the movie American Beauty that is ringing very true to me within the last few days. “It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself. ” I crave this sensation in my life, and quite possibly it is the reason I have had such a versatile experience with career ventures, relationships, and hobbies. I love to escape my mundane and break into situations that at first are awkward, turn into challenges, and soon they become daily routines. And in those statements I have clarified “The Daily Cabbage” for what it is….My Awesome Awkward experiences in life!
I know I promised a menu for my week of meals, but I am still diligently reading my cookbooks and learning what my pallet likes. I did have some great fresh garden pasta topped with a stuffed zucchini loaf last night that was Fucking Spectacular!

PS–I am currently blogging from my blackberry, so be patient with email responses, page updates, and general maintenance to my site.

Brought to you by Eddie Cabbage


One thought on “Vegi-Ventures day 3-6

  1. Katherine Shaw Poetry says:

    Mr Cabbage, try eating your name sake
    It green and fresh, goes wonderfully in a veggie bake
    Try adding a pinch or two of thyme
    Few squirts of fresh pressed lime
    Slice a tomato
    Add a sweet potato
    Then cover the pot
    Cook until it is hot
    Then sit back and enjoy a peaceful time
    As this dish, I am sure your pallet will find divine

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