Vegi-Ventures Day 2

Asheville is a great place to try the vegetarian lifestyle. You are surrounded by hippies, stoners, and trendy types. We have grocery stores, markets, and restaurants that cater to these earthy types that seem to gravitate to Asheville.

Day 2
So, today was actually pretty easy. I woke up and made some cherrios, had a salad for lunch, some awesome pecans as a snack thru the day, and Quinoa wrap with black beans and rice for dinner.
BTW- I love Quinoa! If you have not tried this, you should go to your local whole foods store and pick up some. It is probably one of the only items you can eat on Earth that will sustain you completely without other substitutes.
I will be posting my week of vegetarian cookbook meals on Monday September 6. I will be attempting to cook and eat meals from this cookbook and then keep you in touch with how things tasted and more importantly if they satisfy my Carnivore desires!…stay Tuned

Brought to you by Eddie Cabbage


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